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Optical Sensors

Optical sensors provide an enhanced perception beyond human vision. For example, near-to-long wave infrared (IR) light offers a clearer view through fog or rain compared to visible light. This attracts attention for use in self-driving vehicles. Our focus is on developing sensors and light emitting devices beyond the visible spectrum for improved perception in various conditions.


Adapted from FLIR


Various van der Waals heterostructures using 0D Quantum dots, 1D nanowires and 2D layered materials. 

Nature Reviews Materials, 1 (2016) 1–17

van der Waals
Heterojunction Sensors

Excitonic materials, including organic materials, 2D materials, and quantum dots, possess superior optical sensitivity compared to traditional bulk semiconductors due to their strong oscillator strength and strong absorption. The use of excitonic materials in highly sensitive optical sensors, particularly in the IR region where sensitivity is low due to strong recombination resulting from the optical bandgap rule, holds the potential to revolutionize future mobility devices.

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